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Update: 15 December 16

Post date: 15/12/2016


Superlist v2.7.0 Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist is the result of several years of active development in WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory solution.
Plugins bundled in theme: Boxes, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, FAQ, Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Properties, reCAPTCHA, Reviews, Shop, Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs...

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Comment (9)

  1. How do I use the fast download link? I clicked it and opted into the usenet.nl membership so I could download your theme but I can’t find it in their system??? Help!

      1. Obviously I would it there was a normal download. I have to either spend 100 p (which doesn’t work, I login everyday and my points don’t add up), or use the fast download. I think its crappy, this sit used to be free and not have to jump through hoops just to download the theme.

        1. LOL, im sorry i didnt mean to come off rude! If i had it i would share it, but honestly listable is a far better theme, even listify. I know this page that sells them for like 2euros and they are updated, i have purchased from there a few times and its well worth it. let me know if you are interested!