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Update: 22 September 16

Post date: 29/10/2016


Winner v1.3 Sports, Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme

Winner is a WordPress theme built for Gyms, Fitness Centers, Sport Clubs, Health Clubs, Personal Trainers and any other sport / health related businesses. It has a purpose oriented design and supports workouts, classes, trainers, timetables, etc..

All the main WordPress features are covered by Winner. Widgets, Sidebars, Shortcodes, Menus, Post-Formats, among many other things, are entirely supported and ready to use.
Version 1.3.0
- New: Added Fitness Calculators Shortcodes
- New: Added Timetable shortcode
- New: Added support for thumbnails on testimonials
- New: Added Exercises Teasers Shortcode
- New: Added a filter to allow customizations on the revslider displayed on the titlebar
- New: Added the possibility to hide metadata (author, tags, etc) on Nutrition Tips
- Fix: Fixed a bug on variable woocommerce products, that was preventing the images to be swapped
- Fix: Fixed a bug with the product filtering (items-per-page) on the woocommerce category
- Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing the cart icon to be displayed only after a refresh on mobile platforms

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Comment (1)

  1. Hi
    I think this theme (winner )is updated becouse in themforest website showed updated in 2 december 2016 , however the version of theme isn’t change .
    I think the designer added RTL to theme.