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Update: 29 August 16

Post date: 16/09/2016


Daynight v1.44 WordPress News and Magazine Theme

All what you need for online magazine is good spacing, clean typography, great SEO results and perfect Google Adsense placement, and we care about all of them in perfect way. we created Daynight theme with great design based on all SEO rules and advices from experts.

Daynight is a perfect WordPress theme you can choose to build a professional news website, it can be used to build simple personal or company blog too, with the advanced theme options and features included, you can customize your website and build your layout in very easy way.
Version 1.44
– Fix views count on archives and ajax content.
– Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.43
– Fix views count.
– Fix nightshift mode not switching.
– Fix page settings panel disappeared from option panel.
– Minor bug fixes.

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Comment (6)

    1. Hi Tufan, If we buy a theme using points here in this site today, can I download the same theme if it is updated to newer version for free or again I need to buy using the points? Please reply. Thanks

      1. I haven’t tried that yet mate, I think you will be able to download the updated version since u purchased it with ur points.
        but im not 100% sure!