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Mr x
25/05/2016 6:27 AM

Are you going to update it to latest version then I’ll buy it?

João Paulo Santos
11/04/2016 2:40 AM

I find this unfair. Now I have to buy points for everything ???
Ja’m downloading from other sites; … such as 24×7.
If it is to pay the amount of points that require vc … I prefer to buy direct from codecanyon and all updates.
I recommend everyone not to download more from this site …

26/02/2016 3:32 AM

Hey hey….

What is wrong with you?

i purchased old version with point and now you made that one for free and this latest one as Paid??

why i do need to buy it again???

what do you want from us??

This is nothing more than CHEATING.

I just wasted $20 USD for purchasing Ponits.