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Our smart article block element can display posts in 10 different styles, inside any layout. It won’t duplicate posts already shown on the page, if you choose so. You can also choose what information it will display, for example show or hide post excerpt. You can order posts by all available parameters, like date, title, post views and others. Powerful filtering options with result fine tuning are available, for example you can display posts from category “Food”, in the same time excluding all posts with tag “Meat”. There is even more to find out once you start working with Bitz.
v1.0.7 (14 January 2015)
NEW: Option to set post header globally
NEW: Grid style with 4 even columns
Fixed: extra top space for rows with background
Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.7
Updated: Visual Composer to 4.9.2
Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.3.1
Theme translation file updated

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Ismail Karaca

vay anasını sayın seyirciler

jony tomo

Please update to 1.0.9.

mkawyaa miokyaa

please update to 1.0.9


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