Inspinia theme includes five versions. One with all static html/css/js files that is great for any php, ruby or other programing language application. AngularJS version that contains a number of controllers and directives written specifically to support angular framework. MVC5 version contains a ASP.NET MVC5 project written in Visual Studio 2013 for .net developers, Meteor version for node.js developers and Ruby on Rails version. In package you will also find SeedProject It is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app, ASP.NET MVC5, Meteor and Ruby on Rails app. You can use it to quickly bootst
Version 2.5 (mainly focused on AngularJS projects)
Update all AngularJS projects to the latest AngularJS 1.5
Update UI Bootstrap to 1.1.2
Update UI-Select to 0.14
Update AngularJS Chosen
Update Dropzone
Update Datepicker
Update VectorMap directive
Update UI Sortable
Update Core AngularJS Seed Project
Update AngularJS Gulp Seed Project
Update AngularJS Grunt Seed Project
Update MEANJS to the latest 0.4.2
Update documentation for AngularJS projects

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please upgrade to 2.7

Mimar Sinan

Yeah. Please upgrade to 2.7


thank you


thank you

111 222

Where’s the FREE DOWNLOAD?

Maleja Andrade

esto es una burla ?
dicen que la descarga es gratuita y luego salen con que hay que pagar…


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