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Update: 11 October 16

Post date: 11/10/2016


YouTube Channel WordPress Plugin - Yottie v2.3.0

Prepare your website for showing YouTube videos in the best way. Yottie is a powerful WordPress plugin for YouTube which your website deserves. It allows selecting the desired channels and even single videos for creating your own playlist right on your website.

100+ Adjustable Parameters, 4 color schemes and 16 languages support. In short, you will get tons of things to customize. Our YouTube video plugin is fully responsive so that you will be able to cover the wide audience with any type of browsing device.
Version 2.3.0
### Fixed
* Multiple sources order bug
* Wrong columns width calculation when direction is RTL bug
* Last video from previous slide appears on the latest slide bug
* Visual Composer checkbox options bug
### Changed
* Fade translation behavior changed to cross-fade
* Disable autorotation when popup is open
* Swiper updated to 3.3.1
* Handlebars updated to 3.0.3

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