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Update: 6 December 16

Post date: 23/12/2016


WordPress Chat X plugin v2.2.6

CX uses Firebase (free) for realtime platform to make your chat faster and reliable. That means CX doesn’t use your own resources like other AJAX chats. Your all chat data stored on Firebase temporarily during chat communication. Besides, your data will be removed from Firebase and saved on your own server after ending chat. So you still keep your data in your server without using your server resources too much!
Chat can be ended by both visitors and operators. If visitor close window, chat is ended automatically.
100 users1 can chat at one time (i.e. 10 operators and 90 visitors)
Initiate chat with the visitor 😉
Cute skin (fully customizable)
Very clean code.
Fast and lightweight.
More than one operators can reply the same user’s question.
Visitors can fill out contact form when all operators are offline.
“Email notifications” when new visitor is online (optional)
SSL support. All your and visitor messages will be encrypted.
Polylang is supported for multilingual websites...
NEW: Added Live Chat box to Appearance > Menus to manage your site menus
NEW: Added Turkish language support
FIX: Fixed the console error when unknown user data update that crashes the console
UPDATE: Fixed multiple emails issue for site notification emails

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