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please update to latest version 3.7 20.01.2016 – v3.7 New feature allows to save shortcodes for later use. Events post type can now be configured (e.g. different slug). Mobile mode allows to display Description 1 and 2 fields. Mobile mode allows to expand/collapse event hours. Fix for filter bug occuring when special characters were used. Fix for empty timetable bug occurring when event name was using special character. post-type-events.php timetable.php widget-upcoming-events.php admin/js/timetable_admin.js admin/style/style.css js/timetable.js languages/ languages/timetable-de_DE.po languages/ languages/timetable-default.po style/responsive.css style/style.css — new files — admin/js/timetable_vc.js 29.10.2015 – v3.6 Bug fix: wrong events displayed in ‘Upcoming Events’ widget when ‘Display settings’… Read more »