With the Swift Security plugin you can make your WordPress website more secure with a single click. A great advantage of the plugin is that you don’t need any special technical knowledge.
Hide the fact that you are using WordPress by changing the default name of the directories and files, without having to modify your original structure (for example: wp-admin, wp-content). The magic happens on the fly...
31 Jul 2015 -
[NEW] Regular expression in request
[NEW] CDN support
[NEW] Whitelisted users in firewall
[NEW] Ability to hide root-level admin menu (move to under settings)
[NEW] Turn off safe activation
[IMPROVE] Turn caching
[IMPROVE] 3rd party compatibility
[FIX] multisite bugfixes

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dolob dolob
Member Has come!

29 Aug 2015 –
[NEW] Auto updater
[IMPROVE] Supports WP Rocket minify
[FIX] Fix RocketSripts conflict
[FIX] Fix “No input filed specified” issue



Thanks For Quickly Reply. I understand now. Everytime this antivirus scan webshell what is this. I check in inside the file in php but no hav webshell. Hav a nice day.


webshell inside




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