Update: 3 April 16

Post date: 12/05/2016


Rating Form v1.5.1 WordPress Plugin

User friendly.
Multilingual (.pot template included)
Choice of min. 1 to 10 max. shapes.
Create multiple child rating forms of the parent through shortcode attribute custom_id.
Every rating form has his own individual options.
Various forms.
Limit ratings based on time duration or no duration time (limitless), e.g. 10 votes per 1 hour (1 day, 1 week etc.) or fill in custom time duration.
Show rating result in search engines like Google (Rich Snippet).
Live rating statics (click on total ratings button).
Version 1.5.1
Rich snippet markup improvements
Shortcode attribute rich_snippet – enable /disable through shortcode
Filter rating_form_site_logo – add a site image logo
In case you are missing a site image logo in rich snippet markup
Filter rating_form_itemtype – change itemtype Article of rich snippet markup

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