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When performing a search on your website, what normally happens is after you enter your search terms and hit enter, your page reloads in order to display your search results. This is not a very user friendly experience.
The aim of Sumo Search is to make searching a fast and seamless experience for your users.
Sumo Search integrates into your website by optionally adding a search button on all your pages. People can also search right away by typing anywhere in your site. If you have existing search input fields in your site, Sumo Search integrates into those as well in order to display search results without the need for loading another page.
Version 1.2
* Fixed: In some themes (such as Avada), the search bar doesn't appear properly.
* Fixed: SVG close buttons may occassionaly appear corrupted.
* Fixed an issue involving an external colorpicker library in Titan Framework that causes the customizer to malfunction when rgba/hsl/rgb values are used as default values instead of the usual hex color values.
This issue was reportedly introduced by WordPress 4.7. The default color values have been changed in order to address this conflict, and should work either in single sites or multisites.
This should have no effect on actual values entered previously.
* You can now choose between returning the excerpt and full content in the search results.
* If Google Analytics is detected, events in using Sumo Search will now be reported as well.
* Snake case fixes and standards compliance applied.
* Enhancement: Sumo Search can now be disabled in mobile devices. It will be enabled by default.

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