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Let’s Review is a WordPress review plugin to add beautiful responsive and modern review boxes to your posts. Let’s review is powerful but ridiculously easy to use, thanks to a logical and well designed backend system. You will find lots of illustrated options and speedy drag and drop options that allow you to add unlimited criterias, positives and negatives. And you can even monetize your reviews thanks to the ability of adding unlimited modern affiliate buttons with unique animations to your reviews.
NEW: Location option: Top half-width
NEW: Shortcode to make summary lists of your reviews. Updated documentation explains how to use it - Example usage: [letsreviewlist postid="123, 124, 125" title="Optional title above list" design="modern" proscons="off"] NEW: Shortcode to add unique and standalone affilliate buttons throughtout the post content. Updated documentation explains how to use it - example usage: [letsreviewaffiliate url="http://affiliateurl.com" text="This is text" accent="#f8d92f" textalign="center" border="on"] NEW: Reviews can now be used on pages
NEW: Option in Let's Review -> Extras: "Show full review outside post". This is for if your theme shows all the post content on the homepage, categories, tags, etc, and you don't want the review to show there.
NEW: Widget style: Simple with stars (shows stars under title instead of score box over image)
IMPROVED: Modern design now outputs conclusion if one is set
IMPROVED: Themes compatibility further with some extra css safeguard code
IMPROVED: French Translation
IMPROVED: Affiliate URL's can now execute shortcode - just make sure your shortcode only outputs a final url (not extra html, otherwise the styling may break)
IMPROVED: Points format: If final score was round integer (1, 2, 3, etc), it had a decimal output, now it outputs solid 1, 2, 3, etc.
BUGFIX: Override the final score would save, but if you re-edited the post, the final score would reset to the average
BUGFIX: Background color affected
BUGFIX: User rating only type reviews schema warning fix

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Yunus Emre Ceyhan

hi ı downloaded but this folder not v1.2. This version v1.0. Plesa can you uploaded v1.2.

First Name

hi, there is an updated version 1.2. please provide us with the update since this is a vip download and vip downloads are updated lifetime. thanks


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