Update: 12 May 16

Post date: 06/06/2016


Closify Press v1.9.3.3 - Wordpress frontend photo upload + Live gallery builder

Let users upload images, and watch galleries expand in realtime with a very powerful backend approval & management system.
Closify Press is one of a kind plugin that gathers all website owners need in terms of image acquisition and live gallery building.
Closify is a wordpress plugin, that has a comprehensive image storing and processing features, it comprises of frontend & backend management panels where you can leverage them to create unlimited number of image uploaders, and use its configuration, shortcodes, special wordpress functions easily to upload customized photos into your website. Administrator can place multiple multi/single image uploaders in whatever locations inside of his website. The plugin is totally responsive and cross browser compatible and can be used through mobile platforms to upload images.
* Add an option in Closify -> Settings to allow users to switch back to old Masonry gallery viewer.
* Note that Masonry Gallery Viewer / PhotoSwipe Gallery Viewer both have different Gallery Builder page, so make sure that you swiftly update gallery shortcodes switching back and forth.
* Add title/description options in gallery shortcode builder for Photo Swipe Gallery Builder

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