Update: 7.0

Post date: 05/01/2016


Advanced iFrame Pro v7.0 WordPress Plugin

Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.
Advanced iFrame Pro v7.0
By entering the shortcode ‘[advanced_iframe securitykey=”your key”]’ you can include any webpage to any page or article. The following cool features compared to a normal iframe are implemented:
New: ‘Show only a part of the iframe’ does now also support zoom (Pro).
New: Header support for “Show the iframe as layer”. Headers can be created inside the administration and height and position (top/bottom) can be specified.
New: “Change link targets and show the iframe as layer” has now the option 100% and 96% for the layer size.
New: “Change link targets and show the iframe as layer” does now evaluate shortcodes in the header file.
New: “Change link targets and show the iframe as layer” has now the option to use {id} inside the header file to use the same header file several times. {id} will be replaced with the id of the iframe.
New: {href} is added as placeholder for the src attribute. There you get the full url that you see in the address bar url encoded .
New: ai_external.js is now generated if it does not exist. So even after an update without saving the administration will not break the external workaround anymore.
New: Scrolling support on ipad and iphone for normal iframes with loader icon and lazy loading (Pro).
New: Scrolling support on ipad and iphone for “Show only a part of the iframe” with scrollbars (Pro).
New: Scrolling support on ipad and iphone for “Change link targets and show the iframe as layer” (Pro).
New: Auto height for wrapped iframes. Inner iframes can now delegate a height change to the outer iframes. Works on the same domain and if you use the external workaround.
New: Browscap version 6010 lite 20th Nov 2015 is now included.
New: Html attribute sandbox is supported now: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_iframe_sandbox.asp
New: resize_delay can now be set in the administration for the external workaround also.
New: The free version can now show the pro administration settings.
New: In the administration not possible items in the auto height section are grayed out.
New: Scrolling default is now “none” and not “auto” anymore as this makes more sense.
New: If you enable responsive iframes in the external workaround auto height is enabled internally as this is needed!
New: Scripts are not loaded anymore if you include content directly.
New: Several code optimzations and extraction of the main logic to several files.
New: ‘ in the url is now decoded internaly properly because WordPress does encode this value with values what kills the src of the iframe.
Fix: px where added again for the loader container if px where specified as width already. Now only px is added if it does not exist.
Fix: “Reserve iframe space” was not grayed out when main parameter was disabled.
Fix: include_html was printed directly and not returnd from the function it should have been. Now the text is shown at the right place (Pro).
Fix: When removing custom files the correct tab is now preseleted!
Fix: removed overflow:auto; at the wrapper div. You can add this if needed at the parameter additional_styles_wrapper_div

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