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if it was updated it would be perfect. Now 4.2 is the lastest version. Could you post the newer versions?

It works. But the troubles you will encounter to, are the same as any other normally bought chameleon would do. The modern look, as you see it on picture, was not done. BTW, if you manage to get the 3.1 or 3.2 version, there will be a wall also in the modern look(style theme), but it wont work normally. Troubles. You have to understand that chameleon social network maker is a scammer. You can find many of online reviews on it. BTW 2 – if you try to install 3.2 or higher, dont think its opensource as the owner states… Read more »
Ramazan YANAR

I cant change nothing in admin dashboard I am opening settings in admin dashboard bot showing blank page this script really nulled?

zolcsi ka

Yes pls. 3.2 is out now. and I think 2.2.1 hasnt got the video chat. or yes?

Azahar U

please update the latest version 3.1 .