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Update: 5 October 16

Post date: 07/11/2016


RISE - Ultimate Project Manager v1.5.1

RISE – Ultimate Project Manager is the best way to manage your projects, clients and team members. You can easily collaborate with your team and monitor your work. It’s easy to use & install.
Version 1.5.1
[Fixed] Fixed the My Tasks link reference in dashboard
Version 1.5
[Added] Show projects tab in team members profile page
[Added] Add GANTT chart in project
[Added] Expenses graphical chart
[Added] Yearly payments report and graphical chart
[Added] Income vs expense graphical chart
[Added] Show tasks history in task view
[Added] Create invoice from estimate
[Added] Show collaborators in task view
[Added] Make the project start and end date optional
[Added] Download single file with without archiving
[Added] Projects filter options for clients
[Added] Show all tasks in tasks view
[Added] Yearly invoices report
[Added] Quick access (+Add) buttons in client details page
[Added] Settings for login page design
[Added] File uploading option in expenses
[Updated] Split signup and login permission settings for client
[Fixed] Invoice shows as overdue even after full payment
[Fixed] Image uploading issue with apostrophe
[Fixed] MySql error message for some servers

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Comment (26)

      1. Can you see this script? Need a key,but its easy to null. The script isnt working, when i try add expense or incomes show an error.