Update: 23 March 16

Post date: 11/05/2016


Realcon Real Estate Property Listing v3.6.0

Realcon comes with the most advanced search for properties. Properties can be searched based on the location and Geocoding in implemented to search the properties between a radius. There is also plain search to easily find properties based on keywords and tags. Also there is beautiful custom filter section to narrow down your search properly.
Version 3.6.0
- Agents now can delete their estates permanently
- Facebook login update to the latest api
- Email confirmation enable/disable option added
- Pay Later option addded for registered user
- Language now read from YML file rather than database
- Easily editable language file added
- Caching layer added for language files
- Permanent delete agents
- Improved SEO support
- Admin can now delete agent [bugfix]
- Decrease featured expire checking time [bugfix]
- Manual transaction activation [bugfix]
- Email tracker link bug [bugfix]
- Payment error on 0 packages[bugfix]
- Advance search page not working on android browser [bugfix]
- El-capitan OSX safari page break [bugfix]
- RTL option on admin section [bugfix]
- Icon upload issue for amenities and distance fields [bugfix]

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