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Update: 17 November 16

Post date: 29/12/2016


pKANBAN v1.1 Personal Task Board - Codecanyon 18728622

pKANBAN – Your Simple and Personal Task Board.
Are you a freelancer or you are simply looking for a way to know how much time you spend on your tasks? Or maybe just visually organize your work with a kanbanb-board logic?
What is a Kanban board?
Kanban boards are perceived as a variation on traditional kanban cards. Instead of the signal cards that represent demand or capacity, the board utilizes magnets, plastic chips, colored washers or sticky notes to represent work items.
Who uses a kanban task board?
Anyone can use a task board … Here are some examples: freelancer, developer, smart agency, journalists, bloggers, sales agents, social media manager, wives and fathers fathers (you’ve got it right).
Add multi-user support
Add sharing boards to another user

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