Update: 6 February 16

Post date: 20/02/2016


MTDb - Streaming Plugin v1.4 + Mercury Theme v1.3

Mercury is a Theme for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database, it updates almost all pages from original theme, features a clean and modern interface, parallax backgrounds, user friendly interface and is cross-browser compatible and responsive.
2016 February 06 – Version 1.3
- Compatibility with latest MTDb and streaming plugin versions.
- Fixed review modal not working properly.
- Fixed some inconsistencies in the design.
- Fixed release date filter calendar in user profile page.

MTDb – streaming is a plugin for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database and requires it in order to work. It adds movies/series streaming functionality on top of other MTDb features.
2016 February 06 – Version 1.4
- Links on episodes page will now be ordered by positive votes.
- Fixed a conflict between streaming plugin and data import functionality when creating a title.
- Fixed an issue with links that had single qoutes in them not adding properly.
- Fixed an issue with users not being able to rate links sometimes.

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  1. let me clear , we need points to download this material ,points requires real life cash.So instead of buying original script why should i choose to pay for points and get nulled script ? did you get the logic here ?