Databased is a powerful database application platform. It allows you to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application. Use it to create online spreadsheets, maintain customer data, inventory data, sales data, etc.
- fixed: removal of auto_increment on primary key columns when renaming the column
- fixed: not showing SELECT column type on the columns tab
- fixed: permission issue for non-admin users when returning notes from the server
- fixed: problem with importing a CSV file with less then 3 rows
- fixed: bug with read only access to entire database
- fixed: connections don’t update
- fixed: tableTools 2 Requires Datatables 1.9
- fixed: dbmodel->exists() slow when large number of databases
- fixed: can’t delete record note
- improved: better table connections (proper linked data is now showing, rather then the primary ID's in data table view)
- improved data collation/encoding (data and mysql)

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Marcus Pera

uodate urrent Version 16.10.03


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