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michael Jay

Can anyone help me???
I can’t install this script…
how do you validate the Code during installation ?..
Yes… we need version 5.1 or 5.2 .. please share.
and thank to help me

Dark Master

does anybody have problems with posting? no matter what I post nothing gets published – not even simple text, there is always error “The message is empty or attachments error. Note: Maximum upload size 2.00 GB”


Thank you! When is version 5.1?


Can anyone help me??? I cant install this script on my localhost. how to setup this on localhost? already there are app , vendor, bootstrap folders but this script (crea8social) also includes those folders . i am so confused. i am new in laravel. plz help me someone. how to install this script on my wamp server (localhost)?


it continues saying Welcome to crea8Social Installation
To Continue please provide your purchase code to continue installation

Note:You can install crea8social on this domain many times but if you want to install on another domain please contact me via Our Support Portal with the following credentials

Your Envato Username
Your Purchase code