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Catch The Monsters is a Universal Geolocation Game Template where you have to find monsters around your area, and if the app finds them you must get closer to them (at least 50 meters) and catch them to earn points and climb the Top 10 Leaderboard, or just share your statistics on social networks, Mail and SMS.
As the Admin of the app, you have to insert as many Monsters as you want in any location of the world into your Parse Dashboard, so users who access the app can search for Monsters around their areas, and if they are there, User can tap on a Monster and get its position on the Map. You can easily insert Monsters’ coordinates, name and points via the Parse Dashboard, everything is explained in the User Guide included in the package.
The embedded Map gives you the possibility to trace a route to get from your current position to the Monster’s one.
Sep 29th 2016
• Improved getting currentLocation in MonstersMap.java by implementing LocationListener.

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jj ofert

Please Updatee


Oct 3rd 2016
• Changed ‘Catched’ into ‘Caught’ here and there in the code and xml files
• Added Location Permission check/request in Nearby.java | improved Critera into ‘getCurrentLocation()’ method
• Edited ‘shareStats()’ method in MonstersCatched.java, now it’s using ‘ShareCompat.IntentBuilder’
• Added a few lines of code in ‘onCreate()’ to request AdMob banner in MonstersCatched.java
• Improved MarshMallowPermission.java code

Thiago Sampaio

Thanx bro!!!

Thiago Sampaio

Please update:

Aug 20th 2016:
• Added some code to get user’s current location coordinates when he registers in the app (so in SignUp.java). We’ve added this line of code into Configs.java too:
public static String USER_CURRENT_LOCATION = “currentLocation”;

So now when a new user signs up in your app, you’ll get a new column in your Parse Dashboard called “currentLocation” and it will show you his coordinates, so if you daily check your dashboard you’ll be able to quickly add some monster around new users area, no matter where they are.



update please


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