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Update: 24 May 16

Post date: 09/08/2016


ASP.NET JQuery Datatables Server Side Integration

In this .Net solution, you will find a full working site using the popular JQuery datatables plugin. The solution is served 100% by data from the backend (this is, it uses datatables with its server side options). This is a nice alternative if you want to display tabular information but you want to use something different than a repeater or a gridview or other commercial (and usually expensive) .Net server components. And why is it a nice alternative? Other than the price factor we just mentioned, sometimes using server side components makes harder to keep a clear separation of concerns between the client code and the server side stuff. Nowadays MVC is a very mature technology, but we offer this project as a nice in between solution, if you want to keep using WebForms, but you want to reduce the usage of server side components, use trusted and proved JQuery and its plugins on your project, and also, if you want to stay away from the Ajaxtoolkit, a wonderful technology that sometimes can be hard to debug, and also, its black box approach can sometimes generate very heavy traffic between calls. JQuery and its light JSON calls will make your application fast and responsive.

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