Update: 19 December 15

Post date: 18/03/2016


Advocate Office Management System v1.3

Multiple Taxes Added on Invoice.
Receipt Generation Feature Added.
Custom Fields URL, Email and Phone No Added.
Mails are working with SMTP.
SMTP Settings Added.
Date & Timezone Settings Added.
Task Management System Added.
Document Management for each case Added.
Case Studies Section Added for Previous Reference.
HR Management Added.
Software Installation Documentation Attached.
Fixed Installation issue..

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Comment (12)

  1. People will stop surfing this site soon, i had to register to post this because there are other sites offering it for free, all i need to do is google the name of the script. And if i have to buy anything at all i would rather buy directly from the author.
    This business model won’t work.

    1. Esto viene funcionando hace rato, es bastante cómodo para la gente que trabaja de esto. En la mayoría de los casos tengo que probas y modificar los sistemas para ver si van a funcionar en el proyecto de mi cliente, la demo que dan los autores del script es limitada, aquí puedo descargar y probar varios sistemas. Aclaro: si encuentro lo que necesito lo compro del autor mismo.

    2. You are right that in most cases a professional will need all the updates and fixes, and it is cheaper to buy from the author than to buy here! But what is your point with the business model, price zero is obviously not a business model that worked for our friend here

      1. I bet these files are not being updated since they are not direct codecanyon purchases. Our friend here has a premium subscription to some underground forum and is leeching big time. Yet he’s afraid of leechers. How ironic.