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Update: 2 August 16

Post date: 26/08/2016


Advanced Email Scraper (AES) v2.4

Advanced Email Scraper is most powerful web based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. Not only that by this tools can check email validation (pattern, MX record) , search for whois data, filter your email list by removing duplicate emails, check web page status .It is designed carefully so that you can install & use it very easily.
-Enhancement : progress bar added in all search
-New Feature :Detecting Google Captcha and stop searching
-Updated: New algorithm to get url of site
-Updated: Remove non ASCII characted during google searching from email
-Bug Fixed : text/x-comma-separated-values MIME type added for csv upload.

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