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Update: 21 June 16

Post date: 01/09/2016


Readit - iOS Universal Social News App Template (Swift)

Readit is a Universal App template that works similarly to reddit.com website, you can login/sign up for an account and post links of the news you want, vote and share them on social networks or email, and also comment them. Your account screen includes the list of your posts and the saved ones (you can only save news from other users, since your own ones will be automatically added to your account’s page).
Jun 21st 2016
• Added an if statement into @IBAction func signupButt() method (in SignUp.swift) that prevents users for signing up without inserting username, password and email
• Replaced all fecthIfNeeded() instances with fetchIfNeededInBackgroundWithBlock() for better performances, compare your old swift files with the updated ones in case you need to update your app

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