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Material Recipe is android application recipe book with client server scheme. Follow Material Design concept for both side ( Admin side & Android Side )
Version 3.2
-Bug fix theme color overlap Activity
-Improvement GCM device registration

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pls pls pls admin update to latest version.

Changelog :

# Version 4.0 ( 06 Nov 2016 )
-Add pagination for recipe, category, and gcm page Panel
-Add security REST API manipulate data Panel
-Migrate to retrofit Rest Client Androd
-Add pagination request and display for large data Androd
-Improve dialog request permission Androd
-Improve Setting page Androd
-Fix multiple notification Androd
-Advance Search for Android

# Version 4.1 ( 09 Nov 2016 )
-Fix crash when request Android
-Fix missing data from panel
-Support more than 1000 gcm notif

me Kay

pls Update the last version 4.1

Iman Jamali

The app doesn’t work on earlier version of android like 4.1!!! Please update to version 3.2.

Anas Gerrard



I got this error while importing into Android Studio:
Error:Error: File path too long on Windows, keep below 240 characters : C:\Users\Wael\Desktop\tmp\Material recipe App\main_material_recipe_3.1\android_project\Material Recipe\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.google.android.gms\play-services-base\8.4.0\res\drawable-tvdpi\common_google_signin_btn_text_dark_normal.9.png

Any suggestion to fix this ?


I found a fix for my issue.
But I still have one more problem, the backend platform can’t load properly. Can anyone provide us with a video tutorial or some instruction to put the backend in place ?!


to change database configuration please see api.php file

const DB_SERVER = “localhost”;

const DB_USER = “root”;

const DB_PASSWORD = “”;

const DB = “material_recipe”;

To make gcm works you need to have GOOGLE_API_KEY and PROJECT_API_NUMBER.

PROJECT_API_NUMBER – for android

GOOGLE_API_KEY – for backend web

after you obtain all of that please edit app/services/api.php

// Edit this one
const GOOGLE_API_KEY = “AIzaSyBeZB-ciiMdECz……….”;


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