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Update: 20 September 16

Post date: 28/09/2016


My Marketplace v1.1 - Codecanyon 17214671

Complete My Marketplace App with rich features and Web version. With My Marketplace users can sell / buy different products. Messages and comments system allows users to conduct discussions in real time. Full-featured, responsive website version will allow users of other operating systems (example: Windows Mobile, iOS, PC) using your resource.

My Marketplace built in Android Studio. The server side is built on object oriented php with MySQL database. Installation of the server part is done quickly in a few simple steps.
Migration from GCM to FCM
Improved some layouts
Fixed errors.

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Comment (13)

  1. Please can you update this app soon? I want to use it and I will be happy to buy it from here. Also, please try to keep the costs low. You keep on increasing them once they get latest update. Thanks!