Kong Run – Run and avoid rocks and crocodile while collecting bananas, Let the monkey play into the woods and break the rocks by collecting power ups or jump over them, they will kill you if you touch them. Get the magnet item to collect a lot of bananas,but be careful some grounds are tricky. This game is made with buildbox designed our own graphics in photoshop so you can easily reskin it.You have to just change some assets and value and you are ready to upload. With the leaderboard feature now you can share your score and compete with all the other players around the world.

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Is made with buildbox? Then it must be useless to people without buildbox subscriptions

Mr Hero

no more free download 🙁

sorasak chunda

why all new post need a point ?

Ray Wright

looks interesting


why all new post need a point ?

Detik Com

Why it’s make need point, because i think gfxfree team direct buy it from envanto market. so they must spent their money first then share it to us. So the conclusion we just buy the cheap software with joint.
That’s why file that their share only exist in this site and a little the same with other site.
And as long as i see file script that their share in here is not give a virus or bad code to the script where their share.

Warlem Rocha

I think you are very wrong sir. There are tons of links here that they just grab from others websites. As if they will buy it to put here for ~page views~. 1 point per day then after 30 days you get the script and mostly times many links are fake. You click on download with your points and it just redirects you to the home screen and no download.

Mr. Sandman


Before spending my time and my money in “points”, I prefer to buy to ORIGINAL OWNER and motivate to create more applications and new updates… honestly, this website and its “points” is a little shit.

Mutita Dawwat

not little shit is BIG shit i am out and i just joined lol


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