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Update: 11 July 16

Post date: 02/09/2016


Ionic WooCommerce API v1.5.0 - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

With the Ionic WooCommerce API Application, your Shop / Product Catalog is readily available on your mobile devices. Quickly accessible and beautifully presented.

Navigate easily through your entire Product Catalog as the Ionic WooCommerce API Application comes fully integrated with the WooCommerce Categories.
- [Task/Feature] Support both HMAC-SHA1 & and HMAC-SHA256 signature methods via the config.js (IMPORTANT: Add/Include in your index.html js/lib/oauth/oauth-signature.js)
- [Task/Feature] Sale badge indicator for Products on Sale
- [Task/Feature] Home Deals Slider connected dynamically to your preferred category via the config.js
- [Documentation] 1.4.1 to 1.5.0 Update instructions

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  1. Pls update

    What about Ionic WooCommerce API 1.6.x (NEXT)
    – [Task/Feature] v1 (/wp-json/wc/v1) REST API Integration
    – [Task/Feature] Search Products through the v1 REST API