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Update: 11 January 17

Post date: 13/01/2017


Daily Horoscope + Admob Ready v1.1

Daily Horoscope have all 12 Zodiac signs and keep you update by your zodiac sign in 3 ways. 1: Daily Horoscope 2: Weekly Horoscope 3: Monthly Horoscope 4: Yearly Horoscope

Yes you can read your horoscope at any time with 1 button click. This app also tell you about your age, next birthday and your Zodiac Sign. This app uses third party API’S to fetch and display horoscope and those api’s are completely free and there are no limits on request .

Daily Horoscope is fully eye catching material design and work on all android devices and screen sizes. This app has navigation drawer and tabs with more apps and rate this app features.

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